Honoring Accomplishments

Julio – The Dream Come True Foundations, South Texas, presented Julio with a gift from DCT-ST for his graduation. Before presenting it we asked, “if someone gave you $1000 right now what you do with it?” He stated he would probably save it and use it for emergencies. (Great Dave Ramsey Answer!!). We presented the check. We also discussed celebrating our successes and how important that is to our well-being, acknowledging the mountain we just climbed. We told him to take a little of that money (should be less than $100) and celebrate, and to let us know what he did to honor his accomplishment.

Then, most certainly, save the rest for emergencies.

We asked specifically what he wants from us and DCT-ST. He stated he wants to be able to bounce his plans, thoughts, and ideas off of us for a different perspective than what he gets from his family. We reaffirmed to him that we are available anytime he needs to speak with us. There are no silly questions. Just ask, we are glad to help.

Omar is a fine young man. He has taken responsibility for his life and is on the road to being self-reliant. Good support financially and emotionally from his family. This separates him from so many DCT participants. Johnna and I enjoy our visits with him and look forward to helping him in any way we can.

Omar was so grateful and humbled by DCT-ST’s gift of $1,000. I don’t know if either of them has ever seen that much money that wasn’t expected to be paid back. A truly wonderful gift.

Johnna and I were so glad to be able to present it in person.