We look for people who are determined to break the bonds of poverty and who have already taken positive steps toward their dreams. We then build the bridge to the resources and support necessary to complete the journey from poverty to success.

The Equation to Success



Going from poverty to a successful career in a high-demand field requires skills and training. Whether our Dream Achievers are enrolled in college, or undergoing training in an apprenticeship progam, our Achievers are ready for the challenges in their chosen field of work.




Mentoring is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Our mentors act as guides to our Dream Achievers, helping them to solve the everyday problems we all face with confidence. We often provide both personal and professional mentors to our Achievers so that they have the resources they need for every circumstance they may face.


Financial Support


We don't provide handouts. Our Dream Achievers are required to focus on their education during their Dream Achiever experience, and we allow Achievers to work a maximum of 20 hours per week. Our financial assistance packages are designed to cover the gap between what is needed to live and what Achievers are able to earn.


Community Partnerships


Our partners help us to design education and career tracks that move our Achievers as quickly as possible to successful outcomes.